Real kitchens | Real kitchen design ideas for February 2021

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Searching for kitchen design ideas? Nothing compares to previous real kitchen projects to spark your imagination.

We've seen an array of beautiful real kitchens from our retailers this month. Take a look at these stunning real kitchen projects from this month and find your inspiration.

These are just some of our amazing kitchen projects, visit our real kitchens page for even more kitchen design ideas.

Featured kitchens

1. H Line Hampton Scots Grey and Graphite designed and installed by Moulton Kitchens in Northampton.

2. Marlborough Scots Grey and Oxford Blue designed and installed by Frank Anthony Kitchens in Blackburn.

3. H Line Lumina Graphite with Larna Scots Grey and Metalix Copper designed and installed by Studio 10 Kitchens in Bakewell.

4. H Line Sutton Inkwell with Madoc Mayfield Oak designed by Owen Williams Kitchens in Coalville.

5. Hardwick White designed and installed By Owen Williams Kitchens in Coalville.

6. Shelford Scots Grey and Inkwell designed and installed by Stadium Studios in Milton Keynes.

7. H Line Ligna Mayfield Oak designed and installed by Knaresborough Kitchens in Knaresborough.

8. Sutton Inkwell designed and installed by Home Sweet Home in Barnstaple.

9. H Line Sutton Graphite designed and installed by Tudors Building Suppliers in Hereford.

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