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A UK Kitchen Manufacturer

Here at Masterclass Kitchens we are proudly manufacturing British kitchens that enable you to have your dream kitchen with no compromises. 

We wanted to give you a peak behind the scenes into how our Masterclass Kitchens are made…


Our state of the art factory is based in south Wales, UK and employs over 200 local people. We are deeply proud of our heritage and our team of passionate experts ensure that your kitchen cabinets are manufactured to the highest standards. 

Each individual piece of your kitchen cabinets are precision cut, drilled and edged in our factory using high tech, computer controlled machinery. Once cut, they’re carefully stored in our temperature controlled warehouse until all of the pieces of your kitchen are ready to be assembled. Every single component is checked by hand before it is all put together. 

Before they are packaged, our expert technicians will attach all of the hinges, doors and internal items making it as easy as possible for your kitchen to be fitted quickly in your home when it arrives. 

The units are given a final check over and are then packaged and sent off for delivery to you in our Masterclass fleet vehicles with our very own dedicated delivery team. 

Start your Masterclass Journey

We pride ourselves on making your kitchen journey an enjoyable one. It’s not just our choice, quality and guarantee which sets us apart from everyone else – it’s our passion for your kitchen. 

We supply our kitchens through a network of approved kitchen specialists. They have the skills and knowledge to create your dream kitchen design and give you the very best that Masterclass offers. They are your very own personal designers.

From modern and gloss kitchens, to classic and shaker kitchens, we’ve got over 270 different doors, 40 colours and 16,000 cabinet configurations to ensure you have the choice you deserve.

Find your nearest Masterclass retailer to start designing the kitchen of your dreams.

Feeling inspired?

Then why not visit your nearest Masterclass Kitchens retailer. They will listen to what your heart desires, then create a kitchen that is right for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

With over 90 retailers across the UK and Channel Islands, they will be on hand to create the kitchen of your dreams and be your personal design experts.

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