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INTRODUCING The Signature Collection


The Signature Collection is a lifestyle choice, committed to giving your customers the best possible experience when selecting what goes into their new kitchen. It is much more than a range of highly desirable and iconic pieces of furniture.

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INTRODUCING The Living Collection by Masterclass Kitchens


With our new collection of freestanding furniture, designing a seamless connection between the kitchen and living space has just become even easier. With a wide range of options, The Living Collection will be delivered fully assembled. Simply unpack and go!

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Stand out from the crowd and maximise your sales and profitability! The Signature Collection is a sure fire way to help you achieve this. Offer your customers something much more than your competitors and remember, beauty is more than skin deep.

Steve Tough
Sales Director
Steve Tough, Masterclass Kitchens Sales Director

We are a kitchen supplier you can trust.

We have brilliant product, a great back up service and a 10 year warranty. What makes us really tick are the simple details - the specials, our colour story, the huge choice, the marketing support and our team.

Above all, it is our passion that will make us stand out from the rest. Our only hope is that you enjoy getting to know us along the way.

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