Product TLC

To ensure your kitchen is kept in the very best condition, we recommend you follow our simple care instructions: 

  • Always ensure that water is not left around your sink area after use as this can cause damage to the worktop and could result in the water running onto the doors directly below it. All spillages must be cleaned immediately.
  • In the unfortunate event that liquid is spilt on your doors, please ensure that you not only wipe their front and back but also the underside of the door as any liquid will sit there and begin to penetrate into the door.
  • Do not open your dishwasher doors during or immediately after the cycle has completed. Please allow the appliance to cool completely before opening and removing any items from it.
  • Never place any items that generate heat or steam such as kettles, toasters, coffee machines or air fryers directly under your wall units. The heat and steam can cause the doors above to melt or distort. Small appliances such as this should ideally be used away from any wall units or positioned forward of any units above.
  • Never allow your oven to cool with the door open as this will cause any adjacent doors or panels to melt or deteriorate.
  • Never bake or grill with the appliance door open.
  • When using your hob please ensure that the extractor fan is switched on at all times to allow the steam and heat to be vented out of the room.
  • If you are using glass cleaner on glazed units, please ensure that the cleaner only comes into contact with the glass as the chemicals within the cleaning product could harm the finish on the door.
  • Do not use the following products on your doors, as they will damage the surface: wax-furniture polish, abrasive or aggressive cleaners, bleach or any other hypochlorite (chlorine) based cleaners, multipurpose cleaners, dilutes, acetone, alcohol or solvent.
  • Never use abrasive pads or abrasive cleaners on the furniture. Spills and condensation on the fascia’s/panels should be cleaned and dried immediately.
  • Remove all cooking splashes immediately with a damp cloth and dry with a clean soft cloth only.