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An Opportunity You Won’t Want to Throw Away

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Integrated Kitchen Bin


Introducing our VelaBin – the perfect solution for keen home cooks who want all the convenience of on-hand waste disposal without an unsightly, freestanding bin.

  • Features our innovative cabinet as standard
  • Constructed using FSC® certified wood
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Blum Hinges

Dimensions & Colour Options

VelaBin Integrated Kitchen Bin Components

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Available in Portland Oak, Tuscan Walnut and Anthracite Linen, this integrated kitchen bin adds class and convenience to every kitchen it inhabits. Representing an evolutionary leap in kitchen food waste disposal technology, this feature discretely stores kitchen waste ready for removal.

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Easy Access and Cleaning

While each VelaBin system is fully integrated onto drawer runners for easy access, it’s also possible to pull the bins free using fixed plastic handles for carrying and cleaning.

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Minimised Unsavoury Smells

Designed to allow for eco and general waste management, VelaBin lids firmly fit the rim of their waste bins and contain a carbon filter that breaks down odious gases, blocking any unwanted scents.

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Unparalleled Style and Strength

Built to suit your personality, our VelaBins come in Portland Oak, Tuscan Walnut and Anthracite Linen finishes, plus a range of drawer front colours. Stylish and strong, though, they also bear 70kg.

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Tailored to Suit Your Needs

VelaBin systems make it possible for you to choose from 33 bin size and finish combinations, depending on your preferred cabinet width and whether you want one bin to include a bio-filter lid.

Steve Tough, Masterclass Kitchens group sales director

“Our customers love their VelaBins. According to them, nothing is handier than having one installed beneath a food preparation area, ready to collect anything from cucumber off-cuts to pet fur tumbleweeds from their kitchen tiles.”

– Steve Tough, Group Sales Director at Masterclass Kitchens

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Ways to Use Your VelaBin

Minimise Kerfuffles: Typical cooks operate floor-standing bins with full hands, leading to spillages. Whereas VelaBins sit open at waist height for easy access.

Accelerate the Clean-Up: Cleaning takes time, especially when making multiple cross-kitchen trips. Closer to where you cook, though, a VelaBin can significantly reduce this chore.

Lock Away Odours: As a cook, you have to change a kitchen bin regularly. However, as some VelaBin options come with a bio-filter lid, they lock in smells, meaning you can change them less often, enjoy more free time and conserve your spare bags.

Improve Kitchen Design: While some people install VelaBins for their features, others favour them for their discretion. Use one and you never have to see a free-standing bin in the open.


The Kitchen Design Process

The Journey to Installing Your VelaBin

1. Find Your Ideal Kitchen Aesthetic

Explore our free brochures to discover your favourite style and colour palette.


2. Talk to Your Local Retailer

Tell one of our expert kitchen retailers about your dream kitchen requirements and budget.


3. Create Your Kitchen Wish List

Tell us all about the specific features you want in your ideal kitchen space – you can complete your Wish List here.


4. Get a Design and Quote

The exciting part! Get a 3D design and quote from your local Masterclass retailer.


5. Let Us Handle the Rest

Relax as we manufacture your kitchen and deliver it ready for your fitter to install.

What our customers are saying

Don’t Take Our Word for It

“We're in love with our new kitchen. It doesn't just look amazing but it's so practical with our SpaceTower larder and integral VelaBin. Everything has its place. I cannot recommend them enough.”

– Hannah, Trustpilot Review


“They provided a full service from listening initially to my requirements, advising, designing, through to fitting the kitchen and utility. [...] Some of the features I am especially pleased with are the wall bi-fold units which fold upwards, the VelaBins (so useful) and the Hi-Line base unit with pull-out drawers; so easy to reach everything.”

– Mr & Mrs W, Trustpilot Review


“Quality is first class and the features of the VelaBin and internal draws are amazing. I would highly recommend Masterclass Kitchens.”

– Adam Stefanovic, Trustpilot Review

Customer questions and answers

Customer Questions and Answers

Q: Can I use this kitchen bin for recycling?

Yes. You can use your VelaBin to store landfill waste, recycling, or both if you choose a double kitchen bin option or one with even more compartments.


Q: Does this kitchen bin come with a sensor?

Our VelaBins aren’t electric kitchen bins. They don’t include sensors or compactors. Nonetheless, they are designed to be slimline and convenient.


Q: Can I get this kitchen bin in black, white or pink?

The bin component of all VelaBins is only available in dark grey. However, the framing bin system comes in Portland Oak, Tuscan Walnut or Anthracite Linen.


Q: What size kitchen bin do I need?

VelaBins come in three sizes: 8 litres, 17 litres and 32 litres. The size you need will depend on the width of your cabinet as well as whether the bin will be highline or drawer line.

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