Painted Kitchens

Discover our painted kitchen collection, available in a fabulous selection of 25 colours.

All our kitchens come with a Lifetime Guarantee on drawers and hinges for complete peace of mind.

Our painted kitchen colours

Primed and painted doors will usually have a grain structure that is lightly visible through the painted surface, giving it that quintessential classic look. Colour is something that can enrich your world and encourage you to pay more attention to everything around you. 

That’s why we have carefully created and refined their range of painted colours. Make a bold statement or keep it classically chic with a neutral palette, the choice is yours. 

What is a painted kitchen?

A painted finish on your kitchen doors is traditionally associated with the classic kitchen look. But this finish can also be applied to modern kitchens as well.

A painted kitchen will be a wooden door which has been primed and painted in one of our stunning colours. Some of our ranges offer a primed only option so that you can create the look of your dream kitchen with a specific colour that you’ve had your eye on.

Why choose a painted kitchen?

If elegance and gentility are what you’re going for in your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with the charm of a classic painted kitchen. A painted finish on your kitchen will last a lifetime with the right care.

To ensure its longevity and finish remains just as beautiful as it did the day it was installed, you’ll need to dedicate time to maintaining it. A lifestyle with less time sensitivity to daily tasks may be able to devote more attention to a painted finish.

Alternatives to a painted kitchen

If you like the look of painted finish kitchens and are looking for a similar alternative, why not look into our matt vinyl wrapped doors? These can give the same effect as painted kitchens.

Why choose a Masterclass Kitchen?

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