Kitchen Handle Ideas

How to Choose Kitchen Handles

When you embark on the journey to your dream kitchen, there are lots of exciting elements to think about. Whilst things like colour and style require a lot of consideration, it’s important not to forget the smaller details too – such as your kitchen cabinet handles. Not only do kitchen handles offer functionality, they also help to establish the exact design statement that you want to make. Much more than just a ‘finishing touch’, kitchen handles are an integral part of any kitchen design. Let us talk you through how to choose kitchen handles that reflect your personality and enhance your kitchen style.



Handles for a modern kitchen

Our Metallic Square D Handles are a very popular option amongst those who favour the modern look. Their versatility means they look great alongside many different modern kitchen styles. They are designed to offer both functionality and flair, and their streamlined structure accentuates the sleek lines of a modern kitchen design.

Opt for our Metallic Edge Handles to create the illusion of a handleless kitchen – without the handleless price tag! Due to their subtle positioning and ability to seamlessly blend in, they don’t obstruct the sleek appearance of minimalist kitchen designs.

Choosing Metallic Knob Handles for your modern kitchen design is a sure way to add a touch of elegance to the space. Knob handles want to be noticed; they stand out in a streamlined kitchen as a distinctive design feature. Knob handles are traditionally associated with classic shaker kitchens – but with their lustrous metallic finish, our knob handles make the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.



Handles for a classic kitchen

Choose our Cup Handles for your shaker kitchen if you’d like to achieve a truly traditional look. Their ornate appearance is coupled with an ergonomic structure to offer you a handle that is both practical and beautiful. Our cup handles ooze luxury and can add a lot of character to a classic kitchen design.

Our Knob Handles make a great addition to a classic kitchen due to their decorative yet timeless feel. Choose a brushed brass option to really enhance the traditional characteristics of your classic kitchen.

Our T-Bar Handles are the perfect option if you’d like to add a contemporary feel to your classic kitchen. Their sleek shape speaks to the streamlined design of a modern space, but their subtle embellishments also capture the classic look. By combining the modern and the traditional in this way, you’ll create a kitchen that’s truly unique to you.



Handle rails for handleless kitchens

Metallic Handle Rails allow you to instantly add glamour to your handleless kitchen design. Let your personality shine through by using our metallic handle rails as subtle but sophisticated accents. Available in five different metallic finishes, our Metalix range can be used for flat slab doors, splashbacks, upstands and handle rails. If you want to go all out, you can tie your different kitchen elements together for a truly cohesive look.

Our Painted Handle Rails are available in a wide range of shades – allowing you to make the colour statement that you want to make in your handleless kitchen. You can match your handle rails with your painted cabinets to achieve a seamless look, or be bold and opt for a pop of colour. At Masterclass Kitchens, the choice is yours.

Achieve the Scandi look in your home by using our Messina Oak Handle Rails. The Scandinavian style is inspired by natural tones and clean lines, making the warming wood finish of Messina Oak the perfect choice. Our Messina Oak handle rails are a fantastic option for busier households – their grained, textured finish is very forgiving of sticky fingerprints!

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