Jaw-dropping kitchen remodels

Published on 07 Oct 2022

Jaw-dropping kitchen remodels

These kitchen remodels reveal just how much potential lies in even the most neglected spaces.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, making it the most significant investment a homeowner can make.

Not only is investing in a kitchen remodel important for your family, but it's also attractive to potential future buyers.

We understand that a kitchen remodel may seem daunting, especially when envisaging your future space seems impossible when looking at a rundown kitchen.

At Masterclass Kitchens, we know the best way to get motivated for a kitchen remodel is a bit of inspiration.

So, we've collated some of the most dramatic kitchen transformations that will reveal the possibilities four walls behold. 

Before the kitchen remodel

old kitchen before the kitchen remodel

The possibilities in an ample space like this are endless. However, the dated cabinets and limiting layout prevented the kitchen from reaching its true potential.

After the kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodel in Barnstaple featuring large kitchen island

Hardwick Oxford Blue and Farringdon Grey

These beautiful grey and blue wood-grained cabinets are a far cry from the previous.

Kitchen designers at Home Sweet Home in Barnstaple have skilfully utilised every inch of space by incorporating roomy cabinets underneath bench seating and seating on the island. 

Before the kitchen remodel

Old kitchen before a kitchen makeover

Sometimes, a table and chairs dining set isn't the right fit. In this kitchen, the table and chairs ate up precious kitchen space and felt incohesive with the design.

After the kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodel in Trowbridge

Ashbourne Oxford Blue and Farringdon Grey

With the help of Knees Electrical in Trowbridge, the homeowners have swapped their table with a beautiful multipurpose design feature - a kitchen island.

The island still provides the family with a casual dining spot and simultaneously adds style and practicality to the design.

Before the kitchen remodel

Old kitchen before the renovation

The unnecessary amount of wall units above the hob made this space feel needlessly cramped.

After the kitchen remodel

Shaker kitchen remodel by RLA Design and Development in Norwich

Ashbourne Scots Grey. Designed by RLA Design and Development in Norwich 

The simple act of removing a handful of wall cabinets has done this space heaps of wonders.

The remaining space has allowed the homeowners to incorporate a stunning mantle, tile splashback, plate racks and Portland Oak shelving for a more aesthetically pleasing design. 

Before the kitchen remodel

Old kitchen before a kitchen remodel

Imagining a groundbreaking kitchen is tricky when looking at this rundown, clinical-looking space.

After the kitchen remodel

Shaker kitchen remodel by Ratford Bridge in Haverfordwest

Marlborough Olive and Highland Stone

Would you believe this is the same room?!

This kitchen remodel by Ratford Bridge in Haverfordwest really has it all; wood-grained doors, bench seating and an enviably large island.

Pantry storage feature and drinks cabinet storage in a classic shaker kitchen

What's more, behind the doors is our beloved pantry, The Hathaway and The Connery drinks cabinet.

Feeling inspired? 

Find your nearest Masterclass Kitchens showroom today and get the ball rolling on your kitchen remodel.

For more helpful advice, visit our kitchen planning guides.

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