Cashmere Kitchens: Timeless Luxury in Your Home

11 Jan 2024

Spent time on Instagram or Pinterest lately? If you have and you love interior design, you’ve likely heard designers gush over cashmere kitchens. That’s because, while “cashmere” has been linked with quality for years, so now are cashmere kitchen cabinets. But what is a cashmere kitchen?

Remember the news-making goats that pillaged a Welsh town centre like lockdown locusts? They’re Kashmiri goats – and their wool is cashmere. Known for its softness, it has an iridescent, pink sheen, which cashmere kitchens exhibit. Coincidentally, both also shrink when you turn on a tumble dryer.

Just kidding.
(Much like the goats.)

In reality, cashmere kitchens can be graceful, hardy and enduring. The key to planning a solid one is to factor in light and colour blends. Fortunately, our expert design consultants at Masterclass HQ in South Wales have complied a range of tips to help you exemplify this emerging design to great effect.

A cashmere Shaker kitchen with Slim shaker kitchen doors

Ashbourne Farringdon Grey by Moulton Kitchens

Gold Cashmere Kitchen Ideas

Cast cashmere under warm light and you’ll notice rose gold in the fibres. Similarly, choose a warm, grey kitchen, add amber light and you produce a similar cashmere outcome. The effect is particularly evident if you choose a shade of grey with pink undertones and contrast it with gold accessories.

A cashmere-style kitchen with handleless doors and a stone splashback
A light grey cashmere kitchen with handleless units and a gold splashback

H Line Lumina and H Line Metalix by Sigma 3 Kitchens Swansea

Select a handleless kitchen and you can accessorise with gold handlerails, which make a strong statement. Likewise does a metallic splashback, as shown in this H Line Lumina set-up. Working in tandem, these components enrich a pale kitchen, adding a richness both unique and timeless.

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Shaker Cashmere Kitchen Ideas

Cashmere kitchens need futuristic, handleless aesthetic to create the familiar cashmere sheen. Say you wanted to see this style in your home but didn’t like ultra-modern design. Why not opt for a Shaker cashmere kitchen? Take, for instance, this Hardwick range in Highland Stone and Graphite.

A modern cashmere kitchen created from a Shaker cashmere kitchen

Hardwick Highland Stone and Graphite by Et Lorem

If you feel your design is lacking in the “warm” department then you could always pair the range with smooth, gold handles and a few shiny kitchen accessories, or incorporate a few moody colour panels. As long as most of the space follows cashmere kitchen best practices, these extra features will pop.

Cashmere Kitchen Complementary Colours

What if you want a pure cashmere kitchen, without statement features, but you also don’t want your kitchen to look bland? In that case, blend complementary colours into the design, either via the kitchen island, accessories or wall paint, as we’ve done for this H Line Sutton and H Line Madoc range.

A modern cashmere kitchen with an off-white and gold colour palette
A cashmere kitchen with handleless grey cabinet doors and a kitchen island

H Line Sutton Stone Grey and H Line Madoc Tuscan Walnut by Jones Britain

Dark, neutral wall cabinets provide intensity without causing a clash. Or, if you prefer, dark wood bar stools make striking accessories when housed amidst clean kitchen cabinets. And as for walls and floors? Choose eggshell finishes to extend the cashmere sheen alongside soft parquet or tiled flooring.

Matt and Gloss Cashmere Kitchens

When it comes to cashmere-style door fronts, your kitchen range can work in gloss or matt. Whatever you choose, ensure the range sports a slight sheen. Typically, your choice should come down to personal preference. Although, many homeowners choose tactically to benefit their space.

A matt cashmere kitchen with pale grey and onyx cabinet doors
A handleless gloss cashmere kitchen with a tiled floor

H Line Sutton by Knaresborough Kitchens and H Line Lumina by Neat Kitchens

For example, prints and smudges show less prominently on matt surfaces, as with our H Line Sutton range (left), making them perfect around kids and pets. As for gloss doors, like our H Line Lumina range (right), they make rooms appear bigger, which is ideal for galley kitchens or those with small windows.

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