Kitchen dresser units

Want to live like the one percent without spending like them? Introducing our kitchen dresser units—the perfect solution for those who dream of five-star hotel breakfasts, cocktail nights with friends and showcasing your finest kitchenware.

Available with all our kitchen ranges from your local retailer.

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Modern breakfast dresser
Shaker breakfast dresser

Breakfast dresser

More than just a tea and coffee station, this breakfast cupboard enables you to store and access all manner of breakfast paraphernalia in a way that’s reminiscent of luxury hotels. Perfect for indulgent family breakfasts before a busy day.

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Shaker kitchen bar dresser
Modern kitchen bar dresser

Kitchen bar dresser

Enjoy an artisan cocktail bar? Try a home bar unit. This tall drinks cabinet can help you relax with a spirit after a hard day or share cocktails with friends. Bedecked with enigmatic doors, integrated strip lighting and a wine rack, it’s like having a speakeasy bar at home.

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Modern display dresser kitchen unit
Shaker display kitchen dresser unit

Display dresser

We all have “special occasion” dinner service sets, unique travel souvenirs and crystal wineglasses languishing in the back of wardrobes. Why not showcase yours like the gallery art pieces they were destined to be? This mirrored display cabinet gives your memories the attention they deserve.

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Lots of style options

Each of the three dressers comes in hundreds of door style and colour combinations to suit both modern and traditional tastes.

Durable and long lasting

Built to last with water-resistant materials, all dressers are sturdy and long-lasting. All hinges come with a lifetime guarantee.

Compatible with all kitchens

Available in a range of widths and with space-saving bi-fold door options , there's a dresser to fit any kitchen.

Easy delivery and assembly

All dressers are assembled in our own factory and delivered to your home for a dedicated fitter to install.

Live in luxury with our kitchen dresser units

You might think that decadent breakfasts and home cocktail nights are out of reach in the average home. Using our “live in luxury” dresser range, though, you can experience that life without having to endure the price tag of a luxury kitchen.

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The journey to your dream kitchen, featuring Kitchen Dresser Units

Kitchen Dresser Units FAQs

Our dressers have a cabinet depth of 340 mm and ample shelf space that is designed to hold ornaments and regular size wine / spirit bottles.

Our dresser units are available with all our fitted kitchen ranges, with the exception of kitchens from our handleless H Line collection. The dresser internals are then available in either Portland Oak or Tuscan Walnut.

Available in three heights to accommodate 20mm, 30mm and 40mm worktops - 1210mm, 1220mm and 1230mm. We also offer a 1250mm high cabinet, which will sit directly on a 720mm base cabinet and line up with the 1970mm tall housing planning height.

The display dresser comes with spot lighting and the breakfast and bar dressers come with strip lighting. All dressers come with motion sensors installed for light activation. You don’t require a plug socket as your dresser will be hardwired into your kitchen circuitry.

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