Dream Home Improvements: Lisa's Kitchen Renovation

28 Sep 2023

South of a large residential town, Milford Haven’s coast is rich with attractions. Yachts border the waterfront, the beach hosts anglers and tourists bustle into Milford Haven Museum. For centuries, though, the most interesting aspect of the town has been the people. This is still the case.

Indeed, taxi down a discrete country lane, through dark, iron gates and you’ll encounter a detached seafront house that’s had considerable home improvements, including a brand new Masterclass kitchen renovation. Inside, its owner Lisa, who we visited, sets aside a coffee in her Handleless kitchen.

"My old kitchen was a bit tired and dated – just wasn't fitting in with my lifestyle anymore,” she admits in response to a question about why she visited Masterclass Kitchens. Her kitchen – a white and gold H-Line Sutton range supplied by Nick from Ratford Bridge – gleams as white as her immaculate dress.

Lisa’s Kitchen Ideas

A woman who knows what she wants, Lisa admits that the moment she saw the range in the Ratford Bridge showroom, she had to have it. “This was the kitchen for me,” she says. “It wasn't the right colour, but it's what I wanted.”

That’s a typical Masterclass customer reaction. As with many of our clients, the new kitchen cost is important to her but she weighs it against the opportunity cost of not having one – how it would feel to miss out on the lifestyle she can achieve now that her home renovation is complete.

Large white gloss kitchen island and matching kitchen wall units
A white kitchen with stone worktops and floating oak shelving

“I had two previous kitchens,” Lisa explains. “I didn't hesitate. I didn't even think about going anywhere else. I know the quality of the kitchen – they're superb.”

Alas, while Lisa has always had a vision, she isn’t a kitchen makeover expert. As with many highflyers, she would rather map out the details herself but knows she needed advice to get her kitchen remodelled to a level that met her expectations. And so, a Masterclass designer saved the day.

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New Kitchen Design Ideas

Presenting expert knowledge in conversation, Nick offered Lisa multiple choices and, though initially hesitant at some furniture suggestions she’d never encountered, she trusted her guide.

“I chose the large double-cabinet cupboards with no post in the middle. I have some large equipment in the kitchen that I didn't want to keep out on the unit,” she divulges next to white gloss handleless kitchen cabinets known for their unique postless design, which enables more usable storage.

Wide kitchen units installed during a home remodelling kitchen update
White handleless kitchen drawers with internal drawers for kitchen organisation

Likewise, she continues, “I chose the large cutlery drawer with a hidden cutlery drawer. Absolutely love being organised! Plenty of room to keep all of my utensils all in one place.”

Being a professional in the home improvement business, the designer recognised her love for organisation and incorporated it into her plans, suggesting a kitchen cupboard with internal drawers.

The larder element of the kitchen which Masterclass calls The Hathaway

However, Lisa didn’t stop there: “The reason I chose the big storage SpaceTowers was mainly for my storage and for my dry foods. […] It works perfectly,” she says, demonstrating the larder drawers. “I don't have to dig in the back of cupboards anymore, looking or stacking things on top of each other.”

Kitchen Features for Entertaining

A keen entertainer, Lisa goes on to describe her corner larder units, explaining, “I chose the MagnaSpace pull-outs in my kitchen. I wanted to design a sort of bar area in the kitchen. I wanted to store a lot of glasses next to the wine fridge."

Kitchen units pull-out storage solutions in a white gloss kitchen
Pull-out cabinet kitchen units suitable for pull-out corner storage

“So simple and easy, pulling them out,” she gushes. “Quick, convenient, can find exactly what I need and what I'm looking for." In many ways, that caters for her guests. But what about all the waste visitors create? Was Nick able to anticipate that need as well? Absolutely.

A kitchen compost bin inside a kitchen bin double unit
Integrated kitchen bin for recycling and food storage containers

"Incorporating a VelaBin was a big factor in my new kitchen. Recycling is so important, and I didn't want it on display. There were a few different designs to choose from,” she explains, referring to kitchen bin dual, triple and quadriple set-up options Masterclass offers, “but I knew this one was perfect for me.”

Lisa’s Masterclass Kitchen Review

Thankfully, Lisa’s choice to trust her Masterclass kitchen designer paid dividends. When asked if she’s happy with the result, she responds, “I'm over the moon and delighted with my Masterclass kitchen. It really has enhanced and made my life easier.”

A minimalist white kitchen with a marble worktop

“That’s fantastic! We love these sorts of stories,” our brand manager says as the visit draws to a close. “What’s your favourite bit?”

"I had these fabulous pull-out drawers that hold the whole of my dinner service. I can find my saucepans – they're all in another drawer. I’ve got hidden drawers within a drawer.”

A handleless pan drawer with a gold handle rail and strip lighting
A deep kitchen drawer for pots and pans with a white gloss finish

“Everything is just to hand,” Lisa explains with a smile as it’s time to leave. “It's so simple, it's great! I actually now started enjoying cooking in my new kitchen.”

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