6 Ways to Create a Modern Shaker Style Kitchen Design

Ideas & Inspiration - 26 Jun 2019

Shaker kitchens in the UK are a traditional kitchen design that works in both a classic and country style kitchen. It is recognised by the distinctive door style, with five panels; a centred panel and a four frame boarder. But other than this, what features should you add to your kitchen design to create a modern shaker kitchen design?

Here are 6 of our favourite features of shaker style kitchens...

1. Georgian Style Glass Cabinet Doors

This traditional door style works well in a shaker kitchen design. It is available in our Ashbourne and Carnegie painted kitchen ranges. The Georgian style cabinet doors give a sneak peak of the beautiful cabinet internals like the Tuscan Walnut cabinets shown in this Ashbourne kitchen below. 

Asbourne by Masterclass Kitchens - Georgian Style Glass Cabinets in a Shaker Style Kitchen

2. Tongue and Groove Panels

These tongue and groove panels work as a decorative feature within your kitchen space. They offer crisp, clean lines that works well in shaker style kitchens as a backboard, boot room or island back panel. 

Masterclass Kitchens Boot Room for a shaker style kitchen UK

3. Mantle, Decorative Corbels and Canopies

Canopies and mantles with corbels elegantly conceal extractor fans, bringing them into the design of the kitchen. They add classic touches and come in a variety of designs depending on the kitchen range you choose. Go big and bold with our new statement corbels and mantle in our Marlborough range or keep it simple with a chic canopy.

Masterclass Kitchens Marlborough in Hunter Green Mantle and Corbels for a shaker style kitchen

4. Pilasters

Pilasters are decorative posts that, within a kitchen context, provide a completely ornate feature. They are ideal for finishing the corners of a kitchen island or as a spacer between your hob and cabinets. We offer many different styles of pilasters but the most popular shapes are either square or circular. Our variety is sure to provide you with some shaker kitchen ideas when planning your design.

Masterclass Kitchens Pilasters on Kitchen Island for Shaker Kitchens UK

5. Free Standing Island

Add additional space to your shaker style kitchens with a freestanding island. They can come in all shapes and sizes so you can personalise one to your taste and specific kitchen design. This additional feature will improve your kitchens functionality as well as add an interested design element that you can make your own. Create a stylish place to sit, socialise or have a cup of tea. Add seating that can slot in underneath or pop your sink or hob into the island and create more space on your wall units. Add drawers into your island to create additional space. 

Masterclass Kitchens Sherborne Free Standing Kitchen Island

6. Chefs Table

Add a designated food prep area onto the end of your kitchen island with a chefs table. This handy kitchen design feature can provide you with a nifty area for preparing meals, whether it’s a Sunday roast or baking cupcakes. Personalise it for functionality by adding useful features underneath it such as drawer space and open shelving to store chopping boards and utensils. 

Masterclass Kitchens Chefs Table in Marlborough

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