Designing a Modern Luxury Kitchen That’ll Stay in Style

Published on 02 Jul 2020

Finding modern luxury kitchen ideas that are affordable and timeless isn’t easy, but the right ones can elevate a modern kitchen for decades.

Looking to create your dream modern luxury kitchen? At Masterclass Kitchens, our world-class designers constantly stay ahead on modern luxury kitchen ideas to ensure you get timeless new kitchens at a price point that won’t break the bank.

To guide you on your modern kitchen journey, we’ve outlined how to achieve a modern luxury kitchen that rivals 100% bespoke luxurious kitchens designs on quality but at a far lower cost.

Elegant luxury modern kitchen design with modern kitchen colours

Create the Modern Luxury Kitchen Look

The right colour combination can transform a dated home into one that’s elegant and modern. Our brand new product launches facilitate this next chapter in kitchen design, enabling you to mix colours and finishes in all areas, including doors, worktops, splashbacks and handle rails.

Modern luxury kitchen with dark kitchen cabinets and metalic accents

Pictured H Line Sutton in Burnt Umber, with H Line Lumina in Highland Stone. Featuring a Bronze handle rails and splashback, with a Milano Arctic Frost and Ligna Farmhouse Oak worktop.

With Masterclass, the choice is yours. For instance, you could pair modern sage green kitchen cabinets with a paler shade. Or offset modern navy kitchen doors with less dramatic white gloss.

Contrast Kitchen Colours

Dare to go dark. Adding darker tones in the kitchen may seem a daring choice but, paired with lighter, warmer tones, you can create an inviting space that oozes luxury. Here we have rich Burnt Umber mixed with warming tones of Highland Stone and Farmhouse Oak.

Two tone modern luxury kitchen with marble kitchen worktops

In this case, the stone-effect island and gloss wall units offset the drama of the Burnt Umber base units. Though, you could reverse the look with a modern luxury black kitchen island and wall units alongside light base units. As long as you avoid gaudy colours, it'll never look dated.

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Add a Statement Kitchen Island

Speaking of the kitchen island, why choose one finish when you can have two? Choose a stone- or marble-effect finish from our Milano range to accommodate your cooking station and mix it with a warming wood finish from Ligna for seating. Together, they create a vivid statement.

Modern kitchen with island and modern kitchen worktop

Pictured: Milano Arctic Frost with Ligna Farmhouse Oak breakfast bar.

As both materials are natural, they’ll stand the test of time. Moreover, designing a luxury kitchen island in this way breaks your kitchen area into zones, adding grandeur to the room. In short, this fabulous design will make your high-end kitchen a focal point perfect for guests and families.

Make Your Modern Kitchen Shimmer

Nothing says “modern luxury kitchen” quite like adding metallic flashes to an otherwise matt room. With our brand new Metalix range, you can create a truly show-stopping kitchen splashback feature wall.

Modern luxury kitchen with bronze metallic accents

Opulent yet understated, this wall piece pulls the timeless glamour of Hollywood into your home, making every dinner party a black-tie event for you to savour.

Include Modern Kitchen Worktops

It’s hard to create a modern-looking kitchen without a sleek kitchen worktop. Emulating high-quality stone with our marble-effect worktops, we’ve mastered the luxury look at an affordable price point. So, you can invest free funds elsewhere without it feeling like a compromise.

Modern kitchen worktops in a modern luxury kitchen

Pictured: Milano worktops in Arctic Frost.

Why not choose from our range of storage solutions? Not only are they built with passionate and skilled craftsmanship but these unique pieces also improve your kitchen’s utility.

Explore Modern Kitchen Storage Options

We believe that kitchen beauty is more than skin deep. Indeed, for a cabinet to be high-quality, it must be more than just photogenic. It also needs to be strong, spacious and have metal components that last long term.

Modern kitchen storage in a modern luxury kitchen

Pictured: LineaPlus Legrabox in Anthracite Linen finish.

This is why we have a wide range of kitchen storage solutions to suit modern kitchens, all with Blum lifetime guarantees. To add a bit of modern kitchen luxury, consider opting for our LineaPlus drawers which boast an extra 30% usable space compared to standard cupboards.

Harness Modern Kitchen Open Shelving

Even after centuries of use, open shelving remains undeniably modern. Using ours, you can elevate wall spaces and inglenooks alike, benefitting from an extra surface that can hold 85 kg per m2, be it for storage or an attractive display.

Bronze metallic splashback in a modern luxury kitchen

If you’re looking for a twist, though, to make it original you could always install some against a dramatic splashback. Wood-effect shelves form the Ligna range complement a metallic wall particularly well.

Layer on Finishing Touches

Your personalisation doesn’t have to stop with kitchen doors and worktops. Mixing and matching your handle rails and plinths with a modern luxury kitchen creates a striking fresh aesthetic.

Dark cabinets and metallic handlerails in a modern luxury kitchen

Imagine it in your home; stood against the stark contrast of flat slab handleless kitchen doors, these extra features look super stylish and, embodying timeless simplicity, are certain to stay in vogue for years to come.

Seek Out Seasoned Kitchen Designers

At Masterclass, our world-class kitchen designers have seen decades of high-end kitchen style trends and have developed an eye for what’s here to stay. So, if you need more help designing your dream modern luxury kitchen, find your nearest showroom and book a meeting, or become a Masterclass Insider for free. As an Insider, you’ll get exclusive design tips, plus welcome guides and resources.

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