Real kitchen design ideas for July 2021

What better way is there to find design ideas for your kitchen than looking through other kitchen projects?

We’ve put together this real kitchen reel to showcase some of the amazing kitchens designed and installed by our retailers this month.

These are just some of the amazing kitchens we’ve seen this month. For more kitchen design ideas, visit our real kitchens page.

Watch and get inspired.

Featured kitchens

  1. H Line Sutton New Forest. Designed for Stonewood Partnerships.
  2. H Line Sutton Inkwell. Designed by Euphoria Kitchens in Arundel.
  3. Ashbourne Light Grey and Dust Grey. Designed by Britannia Designs in Chelmsford
  4. H Line Sutton Heather Slate and Highland Stone. Designed by Owen Williams Kitchens in Coalville.
  5. H Line Hampton Light Blue. Designed by New Forest Designs in Fordingbridge.
  6. Hardwick Oxford Blue. Designed by Sigma 3 Kitchens in Cardiff.
  7. Hatfield Inkwell and Scots Grey. Designed by Now Kitchens in Helston.

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