Everything you need to know about designing a kitchen without wall cabinets

Published on 12 Sep 2022

Everything you need to know about designing a kitchen without wall cabinets

Discover ways to create a beautiful and practical kitchen without wall cabinets.

Wall-mounted cabinets have their place – they keep a kitchen organised and provide plenty of storage. However, there are many reasons one might decide to design a kitchen without wall cabinets.

Removing wall cabinets is a common decision for people with small kitchens, as too many mounted units can make an already small space feel cramped.

On the other hand, some homeowners with a generous amount of space may opt for a kitchen without wall cabinets simply due to aesthetic preference.

Whatever your reason for scrapping wall cabinets, you can rest assured that our combination of roomy base cabinets and innovative storage options will care for your storage requirements.

The innovative design of our base cabinets eliminates the need for centre posts, creating a more spacious cabinet with uninterrupted access.

Base kitchen cabinet in an island

Likewise, our selection of unique storage solutions from The Signature Collection offers beautiful and practical ways to keep clutter at bay and easily organise your kitchen.

Your storage needs should be the most important consideration when designing a kitchen without wall cabinets. Here are some fantastic storage options for kitchens without wall cabinets.

Open shelving

Shaker kitchen with open shelving

Replacing wall units with open shelving allows easy access to crockery, mugs and pantry staples and presents the opportunity to create a pretty design feature.

Base cabinet pull-outs

Base cabinets with small pull-out larder

Pull-out larders are a fantastic storage option for kitchens without wall cabinets as their slimline appearance takes up minimal space. Place your pull-out larder next to your hob and cooker for seamless workflow and immediate access to cooking oils and sauces.

Spice drawers

Modern kitchen without wall cabinets featuring spice drawer

Keep your spices and herbs organised and at hand with a spice drawer, and you’ll never need to rummage around the back of cabinets again. Place under or near your hob for optimum convenience.

Here are some inspiring examples of kitchens without wall cabinets

Shaker kitchen without wall cabinets

Beautiful shaker kitchen without wall cabinets

Graphite Shaker Kitchen

This stunning shaker kitchen, designed by Britannia Design in Chelmsford, incorporates a long run of base cabinets, open shelving and an island with crate drawers, eliminating any need for wall cabinets.

The lack of wall cabinets has also allowed the homeowner to incorporate stylish white tiles for a design statement.

Galley kitchen without wall cabinets

Galley kitchen without wall cabinets

Hardwick Highland Stone, designed by County Kitchens in Esher

Overdoing wall cabinets in a galley kitchen will darken and close off your space. So instead, the owners of this shaker kitchen in Surrey have removed all wall units, replacing them with some open shelving and clever base cabinet storage. Though small, the space still looks light and airy.

Handleless kitchen without wall cabinets

Modern handleless kitchen without wall cabinets

H Line Lumina Highland Stone and New Forest. 

By opting for a handleless kitchen, the homeowners of this glossy modern kitchen were able to incorporate LineaPlus drawers into their design. These extra wide, deep drawers are 650mm with 30% extra more usable storage than standard drawers, allowing the homeowners to accommodate all their crockery. 

Large kitchen without wall cabinets

Large shaker kitchen without wall cabinets

Hardwick Light Blue and Scots Grey

This kitchen designed by Neat Kitchens in Portishead certainly had the space for wall cabinets, but the homeowners opted for a base cabinet-only kitchen to achieve a grand open look, and we think it looks fantastic.

Open plan kitchen without wall cabinets

Shaker kitchen without wall cabinets

Hardwick Farringdon Grey and Graphite

When creating an open-plan kitchen and living space, it’s important to zone the kitchen from the rest of the room. By replacing wall cabinets with a kitchen island, the homeowners have successfully distinguished the kitchen from the living and dining areas.

The island features drawers and wine storage, replacing the storage space lost from removing wall cabinets.

Are you ready to start creating your kitchen without wall cabinets?

Find your nearest Masterclass Kitchens retailer to receive expert advice and view kitchen displays.

For more kitchen guidance and inspiration, read our helpful kitchen planning guides.

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