16 Personalities: Which Kitchen Feature Matches You?

23 Apr 2024

Millions of people have received a Myers Briggs type indicator (MBTI) report. Heard of it? If not, the Myers Briggs assessment test is a free personality test comprising 100-ish questions you can take in your kitchen. Its reports match examinees to 16 personality types and delivers insights into how you think and what environments will make you happy. Most result recipients react in one of three ways:

  • “Wow! This explains a lot.”
  • “Everyone, I’m an extrovert! Who knew? Same type as Frank Sinatra.”
  • “What did you get? I’m taking the test again.”

Some love comparing the 16 personalities and rate the personality quiz as the key to self-awareness. Others loathe which celebrities share their Myers Briggs type. Either way, you can’t deny the Myers Briggs test is eye-opening. It can help you design a life – or a home – that your brain will love.

Speaking of which, today at Masterclass, we’ve listed kitchen furniture items that please each of the 16 personalities. Find yours and you’ll produce a custom kitchen that works for you. Are some pieces quirky? Yes, but they’re also high-quality and tasteful. Find out which piece best suits you today!

A quirky kitchen painting used as a personalised kitchen gift

INTJ: Larder

Each personality comes with a Myers Briggs character. In this case, “The Architect” represents INTJs (introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) – those who are detail-oriented yet creative tacticians.

The larder unit with kitchen unit pull-out storage drawers
A kitchen storage cabinet with pull-out cabinet kitchen drawers

Pull-out larder units like our SpaceTower are the ideal kitchen storage feature for architects. Deep yet compartmentalised, they offer tonnes of flexibility for you to create meticulous systems.

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INTP: Corner Pantry

Those who exhibit INTP (introverted, intuitive, thinking, prospecting) traits in the 16 personalities test embody “The Logician.” Adaptable thinkers, they’re creative and see life as an experiment.

A corner kitchen pantry for kitchens that need a corner kitchen storage cabinet

What’s more creative than filling an “unusable” corner with extensive storage? Indeed, our Lansbury corner pantry cupboard is a unique kitchen feature full of pantry shelving that can help you stock all the ingredients you need for cooking experimental dishes.

ENTJ: Utility Room Storage Divider

"Commanders" – also known as ENTJs (extraverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) – are momentum-loving overachievers who gather information, make plans, execute and run a tight ship.

A utility room cabinet with a cleaning cupboard divider and a boot room seat

If you’re a commander, our utility room cupboard divider is the perfect feature. Designed to create convenient utility room shelving in a larder unit, they make cleaning easy to tick off your to-do list.

ENTP: Bar Dresser

Do you love endlessly debating? In that case, you’re probably ENTP (extraverted, intuitive, thinking, prospecting) – “The Debater” – which means you’re bold, creative and love practicing mental agility.

A kitchen dresser unit with a drinks shelf

In that case, you’d enjoy our bar dresser. What better way to debate than with friends over a drink in your kitchen? Indeed, this drinks cabinet is equal parts cocktail cabinet, water bottle storage and hanging wine glass rack – vital for hosting guests and getting in the mood to put the world to rights.

INFJ: Breakfast Dresser

Similar to “The Debater” – INFJs (introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging) inhabit “The Advocate” personality type. If this is you then you have a highly principled character and a love for all humans.

A tea and coffee station cum breakfast cupboard in a light wood finish
A coffee bar cabinet complete with shelves for a breakfast station

You’ll play host but less to debate and more to learn someone’s perspective. Hence, a breakfast dresser might suit. This tea station is particularly useful if you become a safe space for those in need.

INFP: Bi-Fold Door Cabinets

Do you find yourself acting with care and defusing every situation? As an INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting) personality, you’re a natural “Mediator” with an open heart and mind.

Kitchen wall cabinets with wooden bi-fold doors
Kitchen cupboards with wooden folding doors

It’s likely you’d find use in our bi-fold door cabinets. Fitted with high-quality space-saving doors, these cupboards provide kitchen storage in places that won't accommodate other options. They’re the perfect mug storage solution for when you need to mediate family and friends with a brew.

ENFJ: Wood-Effect Drawers

ENFJs (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judging) are direct yet warm characters with set values. As a Swiss army knife of virtue, they’ll fight for what’s right in any situation. They’re a true “Protagonist.”

All-wood finish kitchen cabinet drawers with kitchen drawer dividers

If this describes you then you’ll likely appreciate our wood-effect kitchen drawer units with built-in cutlery organisers. Available in oak timber and walnut wood finishes, they’re ideal for those who wants to be prepared for any situation.

ENFP: Integrated Kitchen Bin

If you’re an ENFP (extraverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting) individual, you probably go by “The Campaigner.” That said, you’re unlikely to care what you’re called as long as the world improves. You see, as an ENFP, you embrace big ideas and tend to take action for the greater good.

A pull-out kitchen bin for recycling with an odour filter lid
A double kitchen bin with spaces for bags and cleaning products

You want a better world. And what better way to achieve one than with a VelaBin? This award-nominated kitchen cupboard bin is designed to slide on silky runners into a cupboard, out of sight. Convenient and aesthetic, it makes separating your recycling easier and reduces waste odour.

ISTJ: Kitchen Pantry

A “Logistician” – or a person with ISTJ (introverted, observant, thinking, judging) traits – is reserved and methodical. They enjoy time alone and carry out actions with a rational but caring attitude.

A butler’s pantry with shelves and other forms of pantry storage

As a logistician yourself, if you like cooking, you might also solve problems with food in a quiet, practical way. In that case, you’ll value our Hathaway kitchen pantry cupboard. Using its pantry kitchen cabinet wine rack, shelves and drawers, you can organise truly impressive meals.

ISFJ: MagnaSpace Pull-Out Larder

Some of us live quiet lives and some are “Defenders.” If you have ISFJ (introverted, observant, feeling, judging) attributes then you’re in the latter camp – a warm yet responsible guardian.

The larder kitchen unit pull-out storage system
A pull-out cabinet kitchen furniture item containing spices and food packs

Why not blend that warmth and bite in a MagnaSpace pull-out larder unit? Ideal for cooks who like to make guests feel safe with hearty meals, this pull-out corner storage unit can store all your spices.

ESTJ: Extra-Wide Kitchen Drawers

You’ll find corporate leaders often exhibit ESTJ (extraverted, observant, thinking, judging) tendencies. As “Executives,” they tend to overfill their plates with projects yet offer solid direction.

Wide kitchen cabinet drawers for cupboards and kitchen islands

Even if you’re taking it all in your stride, extra storage always helps when managing so much stuff, right? Introducing our LineaPlus kitchen drawer units. Their extra space and 320kg weight capacity means they always enable you to see everything you need and shoulder heavy loads, if only in your kitchen.

ESFJ: Wine Drawer

Attentive and community-focused, you’ll often find an ESFJ (extraverted, observant, feeling, judging) offering guidance within their local community. This is why their character is “The Consul.”

A kitchen island with a shelf for wine bottles

If you’re a consul then a Masterclass wine drawer will suit your personality perfectly. Ideal for entertaining and more robust than an ordinary kitchen wine rack, this wine shelf rack frames your kitchen as a disarming place in which visitors can feel comfortable, ready for advice.

ISTP: Kitchen Island

“Virtuosos” – those who showcase ISTP (introverted, observant, thinking, prospecting) behaviours – tend to be individual, skilled creatives, pursuing goals without much need for human connection.

A small kitchen island with seating in the form of island barstools
A mobile kitchen island with a dark worktop

Masterclass freestanding kitchen islands perfectly match ISTP lifestyles. Not only does one give its owner ample space to work on creative projects; it acts as a symbolic reminder of their powerful independence.

ISFP: Bootility Unit

“I’m outdoorsy.” “I want to see the world!” “That’s a quirky stranger. Let’s follow him!” Only a distinct personality type acts this way regularly: ISFPs (introverted, observant, feeling, prospecting) – The “Adventurers” among us who live in the moment and have a penchant for new experiences.

A utility boot room containing a dark blue bootility room unit

Ideal for kitchens – or a cloakroom, boot room or mud room – whatever you call it in your family – the bootility unit is vital for any adventurer. Smart yet practical, they give you a comfortable place to don your outdoor finery as well as a station to store it that firmly keeps outdoor dirt at the door.

ESTP: Open Shelving

ESTPs (extraverted, observant, thinking, prospecting), often called “Entrepreneurs,” are enthusiastic, action-oriented individuals who find opportunities where others see problems.

Oak shelves used to kitchen shelving for an alcove
A corner shelf and other wall shelves wrapped in a wooden shelf finish

Highly charismatic, they think outside the box. So, why not show that with open or floating shelves – an alternative to boxy cabinets, one that lets you present whatever captivates your imagination.

ESFP: The Connery Cocktail Cabinet

Uber sociable and inclined to include others in activities, ESFPs (extraverted, observant, feeling, prospecting) are called “Entertainers” for a reason: they love to entertain.

Cocktail display cabinet with drink bottle storage and a shelf for wine bottles

As an entertainer, you just want to take pleasure in life and share experiences. And there are few better ways to do that than with an ostentatious home bar unit worthy of James Bond himself. Equal parts wine storage cabinet, cocktail shelf and soft drink storage station, it’s ideal for entertaining.

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