Planning a new kitchen? Here are 5 kitchen questions to ask your designer

Are you planning a new kitchen but need advice on where to begin?

Planning a new kitchen? Here are 5 kitchen questions to ask your designer

To guide you through planning a new kitchen, we’ve created a kitchen checklist of questions to ask your kitchen designer. Kitchen designers are specialists that will understand how to plan a new kitchen that reflects your needs and style.

Below is our kitchen checklist of questions to ask your designer when planning a new kitchen:

1 - What is the process for a new kitchen from design to installation?

Before starting any project, we recommend understanding the timescales. Understanding timescales will help you prepare for your new kitchen and understand your actions throughout the kitchen journey. By clearly mapping the process, you can identify which parts of planning a new kitchen will be labour intensive.

2 - How can my new kitchen maximise the space?

One of the main reasons a homeowner starts planning a new kitchen is because they are unhappy with the functionality of their current kitchen. Before attending a kitchen design appointment, we recommend creating a kitchen checklist with everything you’re unsatisfied with your current kitchen and how you believe it could be better. Your kitchen checklist will guide your kitchen designer to find innovative and exciting ways to maximise the space in your new kitchen.

3 - What service do you provide?

Understanding the service that your kitchen specialist will provide is crucial as it will determine whether you need to enlist other specialists to complete your new kitchen renovations. Asking about their service will help you understand how your kitchen specialist conducts their work, which is essential when starting any project.

4 - Can you show me examples of similar projects?

We know the value of seeing real kitchens – it’s the most popular page on our website! Examples of real projects inspire and help you understand what your designer can create for you. Before a design appointment, why not visit our real kitchens page to see the fabulous real kitchens on offer. You can then speak to your designer to find out more about the project, to truly understand what it entailed.

5 - Can you accommodate my budget?

Before beginning any project, it is essential to have a clear idea of your kitchen budget. Your budget will ensure your designer is showcasing products and design ideas that will accommodate your needs. If you’re unsure of the costs behind a new kitchen, speak to your designer as they’ll be able to provide a compressive understanding of the cost.

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From kitchen styles to kitchen layouts, we have many useful kitchen planning guides to help you take the first steps in your kitchen journey. Visit our kitchen planning guides for more new kitchen ideas.

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