Take a deep dive into this open plan kitchen living room

Published on 08 Nov 2022

Take a deep dive into this open plan kitchen living room

Alyce and Matt’s open-plan kitchen living room renovation proves that wonderful things can happen when you improve, not move.


Before their kitchen renovation, Alyce and Matt found their kitchen wasn’t quite working for them.

Although the kitchen sat at the front of the house, large trees next to the property blocked sunlight from entering the kitchen. So, the couple set out a plan to move the kitchen to the rear of the home where it could flow into the garden and simultaneously benefit from more sunlight.

Alyce and Matt also wanted to restructure the home slightly to transform the room into a multifunctional open-plan kitchen living room.

Once the necessary restructuring work was completed, Alyce and Matt visited Designa’s in Poundbury. They fell in love with our H Line Sutton range after viewing the kitchen displays at the showroom. Then they began working with the designer to create the perfect kitchen for their new open-plan space.

Open plan kitchen living room with large kitchen island

A kitchen island is a great addition to an open-plan kitchen living room;  it takes the role of the missing wall, zoning the kitchen from the living and dining spaces.

The additional drawers and cabinets around the island offer plenty of storage opportunities, and the indented side provides a spot for casual dining.

Pink and grey kitchen cabinets in an open plan kitchen

Sutton is one of Masterclass’ easy-to-clean, chip-resistant wrapped door options. By choosing Sutton, Matt and Alyce achieved a luxurious silk finish with the added peace of mind that their kitchen would withstand the demands of their busy lifestyles.

Open plan kitchen living room with floor-to-ceiling cabinetry

The bank of floor-to-ceiling handleless cabinets utilizes every inch of space.

Open shelving in an open plan kitchen living room

The addition of open shelving breaks up the cabinetry and provides immediate access to the most used items, and provides the opportunity to incorporate colourful decorative features.

Extra wide and deep drawers in an open plan kitchen living room

Integrated extra wide, extra deep drawers add to the streamlined design and are roomy enough to accommodate crockery and other kitchen essentials.

Open plan kitchen living room with pink kitchen island

The new open-plan kitchen living room has provided the household with an incredibly versatile space that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

Now, Alyce and Matt have a place not just for cooking, but also for socialising, relaxing and entertaining.

Are you ready to begin your kitchen renovation?

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