6 Steps to Getting Your Kitchen Cabinet Handles Right

12 Nov 2021

Kitchen cabinet handles are only a small design feature but they greatly impact kitchen looks and functionality. Therefore, it's important you… get a handle on the topic.

Seriously, it’s easy to miss this vital detail on your kitchen renovation journey. After all, you’re not a kitchen expert. When’s the last time you pondered kitchen cabinet handles? Likely never.

Not to worry. While picking kitchen cabinet handle styles, colours and finishes might be daunting, our expertise at Masterclass Kitchens can help. Trust us; getting a grip on kitchen cabinet handles is easy. Just follow today’s list of considerations and you’ll choose the perfect set for your dream kitchen.

Kitchen handles in metallic and black matt finishes for modern kitchens

Kitchen Style

Priority number one: kitchen cabinet handles should complement your kitchen style. Ask yourself, “Do I want to evoke a classic, traditional feel or a modern vibe?” Your answer should inform your choices.

Cup handles and knob handles, for example, are great for classic kitchens. They enhance the bespoke look of Shaker cabinets and add elegance to the design. Similarly, knob handles bring character. Select either kitchen cabinet handle option with rustic finishes and you’ll achieve a genuinely ornate feel.

T handles for kitchen cabinets in a metallic finish
Modern kitchen cabinet handles in brushed metallic finishes

Go for T handles or T-bar handles, on the other hand, if you want to modernise your classic kitchen or create a contemporary look. Timeless yet cutting edge, their sleek 'T' shape exudes style. Equally, our square D handles and edge pull handles enhance modern kitchens. Designed to accentuate cabinet lines, these minimalist cabinet handles make an instant design statement.

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Kitchen Size

The size of your kitchen must also factor into your choice of kitchen cabinet handles. Say you’re working with a small space; you’ll want to do everything you can to make it look bigger—and handles can make that happen.

According a 2019 scientific study, for instance, the shape of the features you choose can dramatically change the perceived size of their surroundings. Specifically, horizontal lines make a room look wider while vertical ones add to perceived height.

Beautiful kitchen cabinet handles for Shaker kitchens
Modern kitchen cabinet handles in a brushed metallic finish

What’s more, imagine you have a larger kitchen. In that case, you can choose from a broader selection of cabinet handles. Conversely, if you have a small kitchen, we recommend avoiding protruding kitchen cabinet handles and limiting the variation to minimise the sense of clutter.

Instead, opt for our metallic edge pull handles. They sit discreetly atop modern kitchen doors and achieve the streamlined look of a handleless kitchen without the handleless kitchen price!

Kitchen Handle Size

The size of your chosen kitchen cabinet handles will also influence the overall look of your kitchen. Do you want to make a statement with your kitchen handles or would you rather them fade into a sleek design?

T bar kitchen cabinet handle in metallic finish
Modern kitchen cabinet handles with brushed metallic finish

If you'd prefer the former option, try larger, longer handles like T bar handles or D handles. Alternatively, if you're after an understated look, try edge pull or knob kitchen cabinet handles.

Kitchen Handle Finishes

Once you’ve settled on the style and size of your kitchen cabinet handles, deciding the right kitchen handle finish becomes much easier. As a general rule, glossy finishes with cool tones like chrome tend to signify modernity while warm, textured finishes create a classic impression.

Our traditional kitchen handles are available in a variety of finishes; matt, metallic, brushed and copper. Likewise, we offer knurled bar and knob handles in various elegant colours for a truly luxurious, sophisticated look.

Knurled kitchen handles in metallic and black matt finish

It’s best to consider how you’ll style your kitchen in the future and pick elements that will match well with appliances and accessories. That said, the beauty of handles is how easy they are to update over time.

Kitchen Handle Combinations

Once you’ve explored your kitchen handle options and identified preferences, you may decide to combine your favourites. Pull handles pair well with base cabinets and knob handles are easy to use on wall cabinets. Plus, they look great! Combining styles might seem risky but it works.

Traditional cup kitchen handles
Beautiful Shaker kitchen cabinet handles in a copper finish

When mixing kitchen handles, we recommend using different styles in your base and wall cabinets. Mixing different kitchen handle styles can add subtle visual interest, character and functionality, helping your kitchen stand out from blander alternative designs.

Kitchen Designer Services

You should now be able to *ahem* handle your kitchen renovation project. That said, facts are rarely a good substitute for experience. Hence, if you’d still like help selecting your ideal kitchen cabinet handles, consider getting free expert assistance at your nearest Masterclass showroom, or join our Masterclass Insider newsletter. As an Insider, you’ll get free design tips and lifestyle guides to help you create a dream kitchen that perfectly suits your personality.

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